The AbOrigionals are incredible!
I am currently fortunate to be serving as a real life NAVY SEAL. As you probably know, we do a tremendous amount of physical activity: running; patrolling with 150+ lbs; rucksacks, diving extensive distances, parachuting, jumping, climbing, scaling, rappelling; and on and on.

About 2 years ago I really tweaked my back on a free-fall jump. The disc was distended and was causing considerable pain. Trying to avoid having my vertebrae fused, I began back/ab strengthening and stretching routines.

Then, just recently I ordered AbOrigionals. I can honestly tell you and want you to know that there is no single exercise/piece of equipment that does as good as your AbOrigionals. Not only is the pain gone, but my entire torso is so much stronger. I stand straighter. I can squat heavy again. The Obstacle course is a breeze. Swimming and nearly everything we do has been helped by implement AbOrigionals.

I am currently overseas fighting the fight, but wanted to say thanks for your indirect support of the forces.

Morgann O'Neill

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